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I was raised in London, though I fled for Scotland at 18 and have stayed here ever since.

Random question: you know how bisexuals will sometimes say "I'm not interested in the person's gender/what's between their legs, I fall in love with their personality"? I've said it myself in the past, usually when having to justify myself to someone who is being unpleasant about bisexuality. It was pointed out on the previous LGBT thread that this is actually not a very nice thing to say, because it's basically a put-down of everyone who's not bisexual. Can anyone think of a way of getting across that general point without being unpleasant about it? The world being what it is, I doubt there's a bisexual around who doesn't have to justify their sexual orientation from time to time, and often we have to painstakingly explain that no, bisexuals are not confused or more likely to cheat or "trying to have their cake and eat it", and that bisexuality is not the same as non-monogamy. (At which point I often end up also explaining the basics of polyamory to them, and they can look even more shocked that there are people out there who are in faithful, balanced non-dyadic relationships.)
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