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I tend not to think of a lot of issues surrounding my weight loss as being exclusivley gay issues but here is one that definitly counts for me....One of my goals is to be hot enough that my family doesn't think that the only reason that I am gay is because I can't get a man. I typically don't care very much what they think and they are generally supportive (though they only refer to my girfriend of 3 years as my "friend") but I know that some of them think I'm settling because I'm not most men's definition of attractive.

The weird thing is that if my girlfriend were a man, she'd be better,at least on paper, than 99 percent of the men my cousin's have brought home or married. She comes from a good family, has a masters degree and a good job (not just a professional student), she's great with money, good to my mother, adores me and has no what they would call "bad habits" (ie. Doesn't drink too much, cheat or beat on me). If she were a he, I would be thought to have gotten a "catch", especially because I'm so overweight.

Anyone else ever feel the same?
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