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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
You could also (but don't have to) experiment with more diet-friendly versions of your favorites. There's a huge untapped market for sugar-free and wheat and gluten-free baking.
I second this. I'm new to baking, and I like it a lot more than cooking. There's something satisfying about making something out of flour and a few other ingredients. I bake with white whole wheat flour and sometimes regular whole wheat flour, but I'd love to learn more about nut flours. Because I've cut out refined white sugar, I use honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar as sweeteners. Butter is still my go-to fat for baking because of texture, but I honestly haven't experimented aside from applesauce, which was GROSS.

I haven't made a cake yet (but might make one for my birthday next week), but I've made delicious cookies, shortbread bars, and bread. It does require adjustments, but you can still have your cake and eat it. I just wouldn't recommend doing it often. Maybe you could try stripped down versions of favorites? Instead of an apple cobbler, maybe baked apples topped with granola.

Aside from baking, I don't have a hobby can be unhealthy. The problem is that my hobbies help me procrastinate. I'll exercise after googling recipes, writing a song, or playing video games.

I'm 1/4 closer to my weight loss goal of losing 141 lbs. Next Mini Goal: 210 lbs
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