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I feel your pain! I looooovee baking. Fresh, from scratch cakes, to be specific.

When I bake now, I stick to cakes. Cant snack on the finished product like you can cookies I chew gum while I'm cooking, and empty spoons, bowls, etc. go directly into the sink to be filled with water before I can lick them clean. When I trim the top of my cakes, I dump the trimmed part directly into sink (already full of water). Frosting is harder, since it tends to sit around longer, but I make the frosting right before I frost the cake, and dump the extras (Also, this is where gum comes in handy)

If I'm making a new recipe, I will taste a bite. But, I only need a taste to knoe if its good, not a whole bowl of frosting/leftover batter etc. I also have started focusing on having more fun decorating them, which seems to keep my mind more occupied and less hungry.

Good luck!

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