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I'm a baker, a griller, a multi-ethnic cuisine cook. I just love to work with food. I bake all our family's bread (which I can no longer eat). I make and decorate all our cakes (have done a few paid gigs as well) which I no longer eat, and things like pies, cookies, strudels, etc. All from scratch, all using REAL ingredients (I don't do margarine, fake fats and if it calls for milk, it's organic whole milk, etc).

But if you love to bake, you love to create, so delving into other types of food should be easy. Try becoming a master at the grill (love the book, "Tame the Flame). If you love ethnic foods, learn how to make them at home. My new passion is Indian food as I can make lots of beans/lentils, etc that are full of flavor, is very creative and good for me. (I just skip the rice and breads).

And I bake for other people - not myself. My husband and kids sometimes, but I'll volunteer to make the 100 cookies for the holiday fund raiser and so on. LOTS of ways to explore and learn more!
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