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I have the same issues and I feel for you. IP has been really tricky because I have to plan the veggies in advance and prepare them so that I don't react.

A few things I've found extremely helpful are frozen veggies that can be steamed or roasted; fresh canned veggies (either done myself or from the farmer's market); and quickly blanched veggies that can be cooled for "on-the-go" (I tend to do this with broccoli & cauliflower because they can still be eaten as a snack once they're cooled). I know these aren't major time savers but they're the only way I can seem to get around it.

I did see an alternative nutritionist and it was suggested that I try a dietary enzyme supplement. It provides the enzymes to break down some of the allergens and does seem to help...but I've only been trying it for a week.

My other suggestion is to try peeling the fruit/veggies or washing them in a very weak dishsoap solution or a "Norwex" veggie wash. I've also found with things that have pits it helps to cut away the fleshy part that was in contact with the sounds weird but it seems to make a difference.

Good luck...I feel for you as I totally understand the predicament. Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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