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Originally Posted by matildatwo View Post
Chains are part of our problem, we know they offer cheap processed stuff full of fillers/salt/fat/chemicals. We can stop going and become reacquainted with our kitchen, backyard, picnic basket and local whole foods market. Eat like our grandparents did. We'll go much less often to really excellent restaurants with top quality food; food that's worth the wait. Sorry for rant, but it makes me crazy to hear people debate the merits of Wendys vs. McDonalds. Look at us people, look at us. What we are willing to accept as "cheap food" is nasty stuff indeed and we need to find our way out of this.

Good rant! - however, the title of this thread is "eating out ideas". Sometimes life is too hectic and fast-paced, and occasionally a "Wendy's" here or a "McDonald's" there isn't a bad thing.

That said, I'd like to hit up "BREAKFAST" eating out ideas! - while I normally have my own "turkey/cheese 1/2 sammich" for breakfast (300 calories and that's WITH mayo!!!) sometimes I need to get other ideas for breakfast. Occasionally I will hit up McD's for a sausage biscuit for 430 calories, but I have a feeling there is something "better" out there! Help??

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