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Default Hobbies getting in the way?

Does anyone else have a hobby that can sometimes or often get in the way of staying on plan?

My hobby is obvious plan-buster: baking. I started baking (like from scratch - I don't have my own cows or hens to make the milk and eggs or a wheat field for the flour, but you get the idea) when I was 14 or 15, and I have a strong talent for it and really love to do it - experiment with new recipes and such. I even considered becoming a pastry chef, and I really want to do the two year pastry chef program at Johnson & Wales one day still. But, obviously, to get the best results, you have to use the best - and therefore unhealthy! - ingredients. I always use real sugar, often real butter, etc. Sometimes, I can resist eating the things I make, like if I am making them for someone else or for a special occasion. All of my family and friends each get one baked good of their choosing for Christmas, and sometimes people choose things I don't like (for example, my friend, Adam, wanted something with pumpkin in it last year - I don't do pumpkin), so it is easy to resist. But, most of the time, I at least lick the spoon or the beaters, if not have a little dough or a cookie after I'm done. I have a MEGA sweet tooth, and I like almost any kind of dessert (so it is rare that I'm baking something I'm not going to like myself).

Most of the time I just avoid baking because I know it will ruin my diet, but avoiding baking also make me sad. I just get so much joy out of making something that people enjoy. And I don't get the same rush from cooking, maybe because I am not nearly as good at it.

Do you have hobbies that interfere with weight loss and, if so, how do you cope with them? Do you still do them? How do you do them and not let them impact your plan? Have you replaced them with something healthier and, if so, how?
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