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Hey Y'all,
I just have to chime in on this “bad boy” thing. Being a “good girl” & overweight & very shy, as a teenager, of course I was attracted to bad boys! But I was scared to talk to them! Then Mom, a recent widow, got “picked up” in a bar, & then invited the guy to come to our house a few days later for a home-cooked meal. And that’s how I met my first husband. He was 29 yrs. old (Mom was 32, & I was 15), he’d just been out of prison for a month (he’d served 4 yrs. of a 40 yr. sentence for armed robbery & was out on parole), & he’d been married & divorced 3 times. How’s that for a bad boy?! Of course I decided I was “in love” with him, & that all he needed was the love of a good woman (me, of course) to straighten him out. 2 weeks later he was dating me instead of my mom. A month after that we were married! Believe it or not, somehow that marriage lasted for 7 years, but he never did “straighten out”.

Second husband was a bad boy too, just not as bad. I was working as a clerk in a convenience store when I met him. He was in every day, playing one of the video games they had in the stores back then. He didn’t have a job or a car, & was sleeping on the couch at his brother’s house. But, he was a good looking guy - 6’ 2”, blonde hair & blue eyes, & he was interested in me! (I was still overweight, & still had no self confidence!) On our first date, the first thing he did, was drive to someone’s house (in my car) to buy “weed” (for himself, I’ve never smoked, anything). And he left me sitting in the car, in the driveway, for over half an hour, while he made the “transaction”. And, I waited for him, & continued on with the date (we went to a drive-in movie). I let him come home with me that night, & he moved in with me the next day. We lived together for 9 months, & then got married. He did get a job shortly after moving in, & kept one most of the time we were together. That marriage also lasted 7 years, but ended when he fell in love with a woman at work. That was actually a good thing, because it never was a good marriage, but we were both too scared of being alone to end it. That’s the main reason we ended up together in the first place.

This is getting way too long, & y’all probably didn’t want to hear all this anyway. Suffice to say, there are quite a few other bad boys in my past. I was always just so grateful that any guy would be interested in me, I just didn’t set my standards very high (what standards??!!). And I think that had a lot to do with my being fat. I just didn’t think a “decent guy” would be attracted to a fat girl! Fortunately, my SO happened along when I was once again working at a convenience store. He’d just gotten out of a bad marriage, & I’d just ended another bad relationship. We had a rather rocky start - he dumped me to pursue other interests (nicely, it was supposed to just be a casual thing between us), that didn’t work out & he came back, & then I dumped him because he didn’t want to get serious & I did. Finally got all that worked out, & here we are, still together after 15 years. I think I got the right guy this time. And he is not a “bad boy” (though he can be a real “jerk” at times)! Ok, I’ll shut up now. Sorry to be so long-winded!


PS: Zoe, I just read your post & your stories sound just like they're out of a movie. Mine sound like episodes of The Jerry Springer Show!
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