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Hey GGs,
Donít know whatís the matter with me lately - just been feeling lazy, & not up to doing much, including posting here! I do really enjoy reading everyone elseís posts though. But, that sorta feels like cheating (if I donít post back). Hope yíall will bear with me until I get through this, whatever it is! Maybe the heat? Summer doldrums?! Whoa! Just looked at my indoor thermometer - itís 88 degrees in here! That might have something to do with my lethargy! I only had one of my window AC units on, but just now turned on the other two -on high! To heck with the power bill!!!

Donna, I havenít bumped into any walls, but sure am feeling blah! (see above). And Gayle, the reason I get up early, is because my SO has to - he still has a job. I would just feel too guilty if I didnít at least get up with him & fix him breakfast! I try to go back to bed after he leaves, but usually I canít get back to sleep (I did manage to today, for 2 hours! Yay!).

KarenFL, Iím so glad youíre keeping us posted about how youíre doing. I just really, really hate that youíre feeling so bad. I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better! Maybe the angels Bobbi sent to watch over you will help! Please take care of yourself! I feel like youíre my ďFlorida connectionĒ, & youíre very important to me (& Iím sure, to all of us GGs)!

Rie, of course I enjoyed the buffet - I really do looove eating! And I highly recommend getting a swing, so relaxing. But, I didnít get to spend much time in mine yesterday - it was too hot! Oh, & Iím glad someone else here likes my kind of dumplins! Gayle, you didnít say if you like them or not (mine are the biscuity kind), did you?

Poor Lynn, donít you just hate all these permits you have to have for everything these days?! Just one more way for the government to get itís hands in our pockets (not to mention itís nose in our business!). Bet itís not that bad in Alaska (is that right, Rosey?), because Iím sure that fishing cabin Rosey posted a pic of on FB, never would have been approved! Glad you found a little shade at your festival yesterday.

KarenMO, sorry you missed your swim. With those kind of temps, Iím sure you really needed it. Good luck with the ďcar huntĒ.

Koala, you just ďshuffleĒ on in here any time. Hope you caught up to that wagon. And thanks, I always enjoy reading.

Look at this, Iím ended up posting quite a bit! Might have something to do with the fact that the temp in here has now fallen to 81 degrees?! I really must go - itís past time for me to start fixing dinner. Wait, I forgot to mention this - we ate the first tomato from my plants yesterday (on hamburgers), & it was good. I was sooo excited, Iíve never grown anything I can eat before! (This must sound silly to all you veteran gardeners, but itís new to me.) Tonight weíre having BLTís with my second tomato!

Ok, really got to go! Sorry to all I missed!

I wrote this post about 3 hours ago, then lost my internet connection. Thank goodness this was on my word processor, so it wasn't lost! I'm sending it now (if I can). Maybe I'll post more, but maybe not.
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