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I know exactly what you mean. I have to force myself to eat all my points or even get close. In the afternoon I'm still staring at over 20 points, ugh! Ok, yes I have a LOT more points than you do but I completely understand where you're coming from.

I've learned not to stress if I don't get all my points in. I just try to get close. I have some days wondered where I was going to get my points from, so sometimes I try to find something remotely healthy instead of junk food...cuz whether they give you the points or not, you always come in the negative there in sooo many ways! (Cholesterol, high sodium etc..)

I have a friend who is on WW w/me and she has noticed she can't get all her points down when she's emotionally charged. Whether it's TOM or men (haha) or the name it...there's emotions that are attached for all of us with something. Have you thought about that? Could it be something negative impacting your struggle? Or maybe you're too focused on it? I've noticed some ppl here on 3FC have said when they stop stressing, they have better luck at losing weight.

If you can't get all your points in, just try tomorrow. Yes eat breakfast (this coming from someone who HATES breakfast!) it does help you get a jump start on the day. I have also learned that if I can get more in the morning instead of lunch and dinner, I do better too. But that's just me! You might just have to play around at dividing your points up and seeing if there is a way to get in more.

Just don't give up! You can do it!! My hugs go out to you in your daily progress!

Good luck sweetie!
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