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Originally Posted by lovelykumquat View Post
..But still, what's the point of losing all that weight if I'm still kind of fat, right?
Especially since as far as I know I'm still a few pounds overweight (I don't own a scale, but my measurements are the same). So, for the past few months I've been trying to lose a bit more, but it just won't budge. Not only that, but instead of losing, I just get tired and run down. Even though I never used to get sick (once a year at most), I've had a bad cold more or less every month, and was almost hospitalized for an ear infection (which I've never had before, not even as a child). I feel so unhealthy.

I feel like I have to choose between health and the appearance of health (fat=bad, thin=good). I always knew I was on the large side (strong, muscular, and healthy, but gains weight easily) but I didn't expect to have this problem while still in the overweight category. Before I moved from the US, my doctor warned me not to lose more weight, that BMI is flawed and that I should maintain...but I still don't feel successful.

I'm mad! It's so frustrating to lose so much weight and know that when people look at me, they think of me as a failure. I suppose I could wear a sign around my neck with my before and after pictures...

I'm not really sure what I'm asking...I guess I want to know if body types exist or if I'm looking for excuses. Do some people just have a point where they can't seem to lose anymore?

Any input is appreciated!
I'm assuming that you logically realize that at some point the number on the scale doesn't matter. Body shape and fitness are the end goal.

As an extreme example, there are weight lifters and body builders whose BMIs are well into obesity... but they are incredibly fit. The number on the scale does not show anything other than weight. And weight is not the only indicator of health.

You're active, you move often, you've lost excess weight. What is going to make you happy? A number? Then sharpie that number on the scale so you can see it each day, and focus on keeping your measurements the same, keeping active daily, and eating healthfully as you have been.

Maintain, keep up your good habits, and when you return to you doctor after your stay in Japan have him check all your blood work to make sure you're in tip top shape.

Don't assume what others are thinking when they see you. We live in our own skins, so it's easy to get lost in them and over-analyze how we look and how others see us.

Weight isn't everything. There ARE such things as different body shapes! Humans were never meant to look exactly the same. Take a picture of yourself. Cut off the head. (I know that sounds weird, but seriously.) Now, have a non-critical look at the shape of the body you see in that picture.
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