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Maybe you should post your tracker so we have an idea of what your eating... its seems like your eating a lot. Despite the excercising...

I find that the activity points are a grey area to me, i work out, i THINK i am working out hard, but i dont like how the points can be perceived differently from person to person. I may think ive earned 10 points, but then i may have actually only earned 5. So i dont count them or use them at all. I usually will eat something small like an apple before the gym (i dont want all kinds of things churnin' around in my belly when im working out). Nausea + Elliptical = messy situation :P So then i will have something light like cereal when done, or have dinner. My favorite dinner combo is a little bit of chicken with a big plate of roasted asparagus and steamed brocoli. Desert is something like cut up strawberries and a spoon of butter pecan ice cream Snacks? i like to eat fresh fruit (grapes, watermelon chunks, pineapple or cherries).

What are you eating?

= 5lbs lost forever

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