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Hi Koala, welcome to the Golden Girls. Do you get American t.v. shows in Australia? A few years ago we had a sit-com about 4 older ladies living together and it was called the Golden Girls. We adopted our thread name after them as we can all related to the program. It was a hoot!I can still catch re-runs of the show here.
Rosey...cute dog, I can almost smell his puppy breath.
Nancy...I see you have one of my Dessert Rose dinner plates on display over your cubboards. If it's an older plate, it's quite valuable. (1940's) Look on the back of it and tell me what it says next time you get up there to dust.
DH was trimming tree branches yesterday while I was in town. The ladder collapses and he went tumbling down. Mary...didn't your DH do the same thing? Anyway he's going to the chiropractor with me tomorrow, I happy he didn't break a bone or two.
I hadn't planned on posting today other than wish everyone a Happy 4th . I have a load of bedding to get out on the line and 2 more loads to go in the washer.

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