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Found the link to resize pictures and tried it first on my profile picture, not sure it worked. Now will try and upload pics of house and rig...think it worked. There is a lot of shade right in front of the house so difficult to see. The empty space where the front flag is is where the evergreen was that caused my dh's accident last year. We plan on putting another tree there...probably a flowering kind. I've enjoyed looking at all your homes.

We went to church this morning and then out to eat with friends. This afternoon I deheaded the last rhodie ..this one is in the back yard. Left a few on the top I'll get later...I got tired of a bee buzzy around me and quit. A little boy came over because he threw his football over our fence (accidentally) and his had looked and looked but couldn't find it in the vines that cover that side of our yard. I felt bad but it could be anywhere. I heard them playing again so maybe they ended up finding in their own yard afterall, don't know. We have no plans for tomorrow...just a lazy day I guess. We sometimes go to the Fort but it's such a long wait for the fireworks and I get tired. If we had family here I'm sure we would but otherwise I'm not too interested.

Zoe - Sounds like your job is very stressful...I'm so glad I'm retired! Keep your eyes on your won't be long til you're retired too. Glad your biopsy came back negative.

Rie - Sounds like you are feeling better? Do you share your chicken recipe?

Glynne - So sorry to hear about your son's troubles! Like Rie said, we hurt when they hurt.

Koala - Welcome to our group!!

Marie - Yes I really like my son's GF, unfortunately I've had my issues with his wife! I love her and yet we have our conflict too..hard to explain. And now it's very difficult with them being separated. I just try to show love to everyone involved.

Teagranny - I hope your son's let heals better this time. So sorry he had to go through this again...and bedrest is not easy for a long time! My dh at age 75 broke his femur last year (June 19) and he has done very well...I was concerned because of his age and his difficulty with being inactive...but he obeyed everything the doctor said and did the rehab and now is almost back to normal..he still has slight pain now and then, but hopefully by the end of te year he'll be all better. So tell your son to do what the doctor says and when he gets to rehab to work hard at it...both in the clinic and at home. I worked with my dh from the time he left the hospital and through rehab doing the exercises twice a day as well as the ambulation until he was able to do things on his own and even then I watched over him until I felt more comfortable with him. He was kinda tired of my hovering by the end. LOL

ETA: I see profile pic didn't work. What size do you guys use for uploading?
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