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Good Morning, All!
It's going to take you two days to read this missive!

Bobbi - "is Dreamweaver and Fireworks a paid for site? That was way too cool how you made up the album of my gardens. Do you have to be a complete computer geek to use those programs?" I clutched when you asked that; my first thought was “oooh, probably too complicated!” We got our answer later in the posts…. Your house would set well in my neighborhood, too. I think it’s just so interesting, all of this!

KarenMO – my mailman comes to the door, too. These old neighborhoods are great, aren’t they? And I think Ginger should reconsider the Playboy gig… I heard Hef is looking around again, and she’d be a good pet! She could set you up for life, in the style to which you want to become accustomed!

What did you decide about the house? Wow, you have some definite high windows, too! And is your deadline July 31 or June 30 to decide about selling? If you stay, light brown/dark brown would look nice, as long as the light brown really IS light brown. And a condo has HOA fees; I always figured I could hire out the work for less than I’d pay in homeowner’s association fees. Lynn? Are your fees high?

KarenFL – is the picture of your house? It looks like the houses in my neighborhood! I must have missed the canal picture. I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery, and your posts are sounding less "loopy", so don’t fret!! Your sense of humor is still there!

Marie – LOVED the pictures! If you ever decide to sell, you have the promotional panoramic all set! Beautiful! And I’m with Bobbi that I don’t think I’ll be investing in those programs! How do people send stuff to you? Each individual picture attached to an email? T-E-D-I-O-U-S!!

Rie – I love your house! When my grandmother was alive, she lived in a wee little town called Fullerton, NE, and her house looked a lot like this… so very comfy and warm. She had ½ acre devoted entirely to her potatoes. She was quite the pip, lived to be 92, kicking all the way.

Good thoughts about the oil spill… such a tragedy when that sort of thing happens.

Lynn – enjoy your outings! I have a tiny complaint about your pictures, though! I can’t SEE anything because they’re so tiny!

Missy PT/Zoe – what are you doing that’s keeping you “out of the loop”? Are you having FUN, I hope?? I’m very interested to see your house! Is it avant-garde??

Gayle – love your house, too! My niece is in Katy, TX… I hope your son is okay! These boys are a worry for the GGLovelies, aren’t they?

TeaGranny – glad your son is back on the road to recovery!

Rosey – I am in LOVE with that Sadie girl! What a face! Oh, what a face! And she’s HUGE for 8 weeks! She’s a love. She can come and live with me and SamCat anytime; I’ll break my “no more dogs!” rule for her!

Nancy – wow, that is a bright kitchen! And it fits you perfectly. I like your 4th of July outfit, too!

Koala – welcome! We’re a lot of cat lovers in this group. It’s a fun group and very supportive. And you’re very welcome to join us! I don’t think we have any Australians, so you’ll be able to educate us, too!

I've decided that I overuse "love", but I do! I do!!

Everyone, have a safe and fun 4th. Fireworks tonight? I had lunch with a friend yesterday and then a 2-hour nap (under the covers!) when I got home; that was my holiday celebration and a fine one, at that!


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