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Dear GGs

I hope it's OK to join your lovely supportive group. I have been lurking for a little while - trying to get my head in the right space for yet another battle in my long and ongoing war against the bulge. I briefly joined the 40s support group early last year, however I proceeded to spend most of the year on the "see food and eat it" diet and 10kg (about 22lb) that I had painstakingly lost found me again. Not happy Jan. Now I'm back to strict city. I've been pretty much on plan for the past week so I feel I've got a bit of credibility and I'm ready to be a committed member of the GGs. I bought a wii fit today as my yoga class has been cancelled for 3 weeks (our yogi has gone to Sydney to await the arrival of her 2nd grand child, which is very exciting for her). The wii sort of groans and winces when I get on the balance board - which is a bit disconcerting. Not to mention, I'm so terrible at all the activities that the little mii looks very sad and hangs its head down at my score. There's already a lot of room for improvement in my relationship with the wii

A little about me - my life has worked that I don't have a partner or children. I have two chocolate Burmese kittens who are my babeez (I think in the USA the color is champagne - not that it matters as chocolate and champagne are two of my favourite food groups It's good to see so many of the GGs are besotted with their pets - some like minded people! I have a very busy social life - which leads to my major challenge: balancing a healthy lifestyle with the frequent social activities that always seem to include yummy, but off plan, food. I'm hoping that being a member of a supportive group will turn up the volume on the voice of my conscience when I'm faced with temptation and encourage me to make good choices. Maybe you will be my Jiminy Crickets?

Happy 4th of July to those of you in the USA!
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