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KarenFL, you house is beautiful and I loved the picture of the canal as well. Thank you for posting your journey over the past month. I’m so sorry you went through all that. I’m glad you’re recovering and I pray you stay on that recovery path for a long time – at least for the new valve warranty!

Mary, how awesome it is that you like your son’s girlfriend. Several of us on this board has difficulties with our children’s significant others.

Rie, I saw the headlines for the spill and can’t imagine that incredibly beautiful river contaminated. The Yellowstone is so magnificent. I hope they find a quick, thorough way to clean it. I love older homes like yours. They always have a story to tell. And either you were tricky with your camera to hide the scruffiness or I just don’t see it.

Lynn, I hope you enjoy the play. I bet it will be a blast to see it outdoors. And enjoy your bi-annual potato salad.

Mary, Karen31 posted the link to shrink pictures so that 3FC attachment specs work. I do love our space. There were times in the military that we lived in cities and we’re both nature, lots of space people. Our property fits us perfectly.

ZoŽ, I hope your weekend is great!

Karen31, I was so excited when I saw your pictures and you have a fence between your house and your pool. When I told DH what we were going to do, he had a sick look on his face. He totally understood but it isn’t pretty. I’ve thought of trying to put a couple lightweight flower boxes on them somehow.

Lyn, some day we’ll all take you up on your open invitation. What a fun trip that would be if we had a GG get together.

Bobbi, my dogs shed like crazy. When we pulled the carpet out only four years after building the house, the subflooring was disgusting. Wood is so much easier to clean. Your house is nearly as pretty as your gardening. In the summer, you live in green paradise. Since I’ve lived in MN a good chunk of my life, I know in the winter, you have white yuckiness.

OK, DH, DD and DGS finished their movie and it’s bedtime. I’ll finish personals tomorrow. I’m exhausted. Guests are wonderful but tiring.
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