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Actually, I think the statement I'm leading people astray is pretty funny. Sequi is the present infinitive form of the Latin word "sequor," which means "follow, come, or go after."

I'm not leading, I'm following.

I do believe the Medifast diet works, and I've been having good success with it. I have been moving off and on the Medifast-branded foods, but I have been keeping the nutrition counts the same. If you don't like the concept of a substitute, don't use it. Stay 100% on with Medifast products if that works better for you. I was just sharing some things that worked for me when I was trying to save a little money (and also because I like to tinker with things.)

The whole exercise kept me interested and on the diet.

I'm actually going to start participating less and less over time, because I'm starting to achieve my goals. My BMI is now normal, and I'm now fitting my "thin pants." My focus is starting to shift towards maintenance and developing a healthy lifestyle post-Medifast.

While I haven't yet achieved the ambitious goal I originally set for the weight, that goal might actually be too low to be healthy. I'm still on diet for a few more weeks, but my weight loss has slowed down on its own. It's hard to believe I'm down almost 40 pounds in only 10 weeks.

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