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Originally Posted by wildgrits View Post

I think if someone is posting a product on this thread, it is up to the individual to double check the values to make sure it works for them.
Respectfully, I disagree. If you're choosing to use a non-Medifast substitute I suggest, it is up to you to decide if that substitute works for you. I'm not going to force you to use something that worked for me.

Originally Posted by wildgrits View Post
Sequi 2008 you got me all excited to think I could have Booty just to stomp on my dreams when I checked the values. Shame on you. I totally mean this in jest, sort of.
I think you misunderstood my post, and its followup. I'll therefore try it another way.

Have 1/2 serving of Pirate's Vegetable with 3 boiled egg whites (boil an egg and don't eat the yolk or the shell.) Also eat the head of a children's gummy bear daily multi-vitamin.

This provides:
116.6 calories
2.8g fat
9.2g total carbs
1.1g fiber
1.1g sugar
11.8g protein
20% of RDA vitamins (thanks to the gummy bear vitamin head)

This compares to a Medifast Chili Nacho Cheese Puff:
110 calories
2.5g fat
14g total carbs
4g fiber
3g sugar
11g protein
20% of RDA vitamins

Do those numbers work for you? Does that presentation of the numbers make more sense? All I did was divide the serving size numbers for the Booty in half, and add the numbers for 3 boiled egg whites.

The way I actually do it is to eat the whole serving at one meal, and 5 egg whites at the next meal. I do this because it's a pain to split up a serving, and I'm looking for convenience.

NOTE: I know my math doesn't add up. I said 5 egg whites, but 3+3=6. Well, six egg whites is a bit much to eat at a single sitting, but I can do 5.

NOTE: I don't keep beheading children's multivitamins. I actually eat a single daily multivitamin all at once. It isn't necessary to split multivitamins into five pieces and eat one piece with every meal. For some reason, people don't find that last statement controversial, yet they object to doing the same thing with proteins and carbs.

CAVEAT: I applied this technique to only one (admittedly huge) bulk bag of Pirate's Booty from Costco. It was successful, in that I continued to lose weight as I worked through the bag. However, I personally DON'T RECOMMEND doing this substitution AS A STAPLE. Do it only as an exception, or once in a while if you need the variety. If you do try it, pre-measure the servings and don't eat directly out of the bag. Why? -- Because it is too tempting to eat the whole bag. Maybe if you're getting little bags from the grocery store it may work better. After I finished the bulk bag, I didn't get any more. One of my personal objectives is to retrain myself to eat better once my diet goals have been met. Leaving behind snack foods (regardless of their nutritional makeup) is part of that.

It's also worth noting that this Medifast substitute is short on fiber. Among other reasons, fiber is provided to help give you that "full" feeling and get you to the next meal without feeling hungry. In practice, the low fat protein from the egg whites has the same effect. You can also add a fiber tablet if it concerns you (eat it with the egg whites). That lack of fiber is another reason to not do the substitution all the time. A diet high in fiber is good for you by helping to lower your blood pressure, keeps your heart healthy, and helps your digestive system break down fats more effectively (all of which protein DOESN'T do.)

EDIT: Forgot to add the caveat that this substitution is NOT approved by Medifast. This is a NON-Medifast brand food. I know it sounds redundant, but apparently some people miss this point. DO NOT EAT THIS If YOU ARE INTENDING TO STAY 100% MEDIFAST.

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