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Seems this thread is a bit dead but just thought I would post in to say Hi!

I've been on BistroMD about 3 weeks now and so far it's going well. I used them for about 6 weeks last year but didn't customize my plans and got so tired of spinach I could barely stomach it, as well as those little breakfast sandwiches that I hated.

This time around I've been very forward about letting them know which specific meals I do NOT want, and they've been great about taking them out (with a couple minor hiccups).

No more nasty breakfast sandwiches, no more omelets, no more chopped spinach, no more pureed broccoli (gag). There are still some things I'm "less" crazy about (the smell of quinoa out of the microwave makes me feel vaguely ill), but I just keep adding 1-2 meals a week to the list I don't like, and it's already much better. I suspect I'll be with it for the long haul this time. Even with my limiting the selection I've only had a few repeats of meals in 3 weeks (!). (Not counting the berry crepes which I get twice a week and adore.)

So maybe it was only me who had this issue, but don't be afraid to tell them what you do and don't want! Since I started updating the online preferences in my account every week I'm getting more berry crepes (which I mentioned I like a lot), and more pork/beef/seafood (I really get tired of turkey pretty fast, and chicken is just a little better).

My only complaint about BMD is often the food seems somewhat bland. I suspect this is because they are making it for a broad range of palates and don't want to offend anyone, but I love spicy/rich foods, curries, hot peppers, etc. I've started liberally dosing certain meals with hot sauce and other very low or "0 calorie" condiments, and that's also helped quite a bit.

Anyway just my experience; the cost stings a bit but if I'm honest with myself I was spending just as much eating out 2 meals a day before I started...

Not gonna lie.. I'm planning a bit of a cheat night for "My Night" tonight. I have been dying for some baked brie with raspberry chipotle sauce for days, so I'm going to have about ~600 calories for breakfast/lunch and then probably 1000(!) for dinner. But overall 1600 one day a week isn't going to throw me off longterm, and it'll keep me from going crazy dreaming about Brie.

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150 lb - final goal weight!! - (target: 10/1/13)

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