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Hello Everyone,
I was active here for a year or so a few years ago and my weight went down, up, down, up...
You know the cycle, right? Well, about a year-and-a-half ago I was DX'd with type II diabetes, early on stage because I had worked in the health field and knew the symptoms so I got myself tested. My AIC started out at 7.8 and now wavers between 5.6 and 6.4 depending mostly upon stress and its effects on my food consumption/will to eat well.

I am married with two grown boys. I live in California in the Coastal Mountains. My passions are gardening, reading, travel and cooking.

I was a pastry chef for years and can attribute much of my weight gain to an addiction to sweets and a craving for carbs; when I was young I thought being a pastry chef was so amazing and fascinating...I loved baking up all those fabulous desserts to wow all my friends, now, however, I realize that for me that part of my diet is toxic.

I know that diabetes is progressive and I want to halt its progression in its tracks, and the best thing I can do is lose some weight and Keep it off!

My immediate goal is to lose 20 pounds. The seventy pounds I need to lose is just too huge to think about. I lost 30 pounds a couple of years ago, but have gained back 15 recently. I want to fit into that last past stage of clothing by the end of the summer!
Currently, I weigh 204 and hope to weigh 185 by the end of August...
I have made it to onederland!

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