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Hi everyone, newbie here! I can't believe I read the whole thread (better than eating it). I have been on the BCF diet for one week as of yesterday. I did not lose a single pound. Not exactly the 4-9 pounds I was hoping for, but I did lose one inch around the belly button area. If I hadn't read this thread and seen that others were also having problems with this I think I may have switched diets. Ugg, nothing!

I started a few months ago on the Cinch Diet. I lost ten pounds on that diet but then platued, and didn't lose anything for a month. Then I saw Jorge on the Rachel Ray show. (I have watched the Rachel Ray show all of twice, and each time I started a recommended diet. No more watching RR.....) Anyway, a good thing about the Cinch is that it got me eating smaller meals more often, cut out junk, and I could eat dark chocolate every day. The bad thing about it was that I was making seperate meals; one for myself and then another for what the rest of the family would eat. While I liked the food, no way were they going to live on salads and yogurt parfaits. I did discover greek yogurt on that diet, but was eating tons of it. I also discovered Ezekial bread, which I like.

So after two months and ten pounds I just quit losing, with 30 pounds still to go. One reason may be that I was under-eating. Even though you don't have to count calories on the Cinch diet, I was charting them anyway. I got down to 1000 calories per day in hopes to lose weight faster.

It hasn't worked, and starting today I'm forcing myself to eat more calories. I don't have eating issues, I'm just not starving anymore after getting used to eating low calories. Today I ate extra nuts and more meat. I still eat small meals every 3-4 hours, balancing protiens and carbs. I drink lots of water every day, and I gave up diet pop. I threw out the sweetNlow and replaced it with truvia for my tea. I count all sugars and carbs, and have not gone over even once. If anything I've had problems eating enough carbs. I like veggies and do eat them, I'm just not hungry. I'm less hungry than I was before I started dieting! I know I don't have to count calories on this diet, but like to see where I'm at anyway. It's also showing me that I probably need to find ways to get more food in. Paradoxical, I know.

One thing I LOVE is how I track things. I use the LoseIt app on my Iphone. It is so easy, and I have it set to track my sugars and carbs. I'm very careful with my sugars as I like to have enough left every single day so that I can have some dark chocolate. That makes this doable for me. That and not having my temptations in the house. Out of house, out of thighs.

So, nice to formaly meet all of you people that I have spent a week stalking on this on-going thread. I have copied recipies and borrowed ideas, so thanks, and I hope I can help others as well. Later on maybe, when I can get the needle on that blasted scale to budge.
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