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Good Monday to you all!

Juno - Take that bath!!!! Soak it up!! You're running yourself ragged. No need to feel any guilt about the gym, food or otherwise as you are certainly burning cals with the lifestyle you've picked up lately... Sounds like the pace suits you though! Glad your weekend went well!

Steph - I think you should insist on a monthly Dads night out with the boys. With all the kids that depend on you, a little "ME" time is certainly in order. As for the eating and weight loss goals you've set... Mark the calendar, make a plan, and follow it no matter what... The weight will come off and boy won't you be proud!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how reaching my mini goal felt this past Sunday except that I feel even stronger about training and setting new goals to reach!

DH is in TX on business until Thursday SO - I am lining up a sitter or my mom and doing something one day this week... I'll have to think on it... I don't want to waste these precious "no kid" minutes- no malls (yuk), no movies I really want to see, I guess Borders for coffee and a good mag could be in order....

Eating wise... Since I don't have any real meals to prepare while hubby is away (DD1 eats next to nothing these days) , I was thinking about a mini spa week - getting some good fish and salad stuff from the "Gucci" grocery store and treating myself to some yummy, but low cal food. My plan is no white carbs and under 1400 cals.

Exercise was good today - started a little unmotivated and almost skipped, but turned out 2.67 miles, @ 2% incline in 30 mins (a new personal record!). Since running is my weakest event I am going to do a little of it every day (tomorrow sprints).

On that, goals for tomorrow:
1. Body Pump and sprints
2. Cals under 1400, no white carbs
3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water or green tea (I've been slacking off lately)

Hope you all have sunshine in your day! Here on the East Coast we've almost forgotten what it is!

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