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yes you sound like a broken record.

Some of us cannot do medifast because of certain reasons, please do not judge us. We would love to. I tried for 9 days but the soy was just too much for my system. Others cant because of the cost.

Just like the carb count, we have to make sure we make up other factors in the rest of our "meals". I have 26 grams of protien every morning with my morning shake. A majority of the rest comes from my L&G. I'm satisfied with that. And I take a multi vitmain with my L&G.

Maybe this discussion is on the wrong board. Unfortunately I'm not sure where it would go. Calorie counters would say we're doing too low of calories. Low carb would say we're not low carb enough. Medifast says we're not doing enough either. When is enough enough?

We just need a discussion where we can support each other and not get down on us for doing something that will work for us. Please do the same.

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