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Great to get some needed downtime Steph. Reading mags in the chair sounds divine. I've been craving a massage for a while now, maybe after I get my house put back together I'll check out treating myself!

Absmom YA HOO on reaching that ever-important goal! And your habits will get you healthier and healthier. I can't wait to track your progress during the race, you will be getting some strong energy from Alaska way. Let me know if you don't already have my email so I can send to you.

Good lord I am exhausted. In a good way. Today was really fun, much more fun than I would have thought. We did an event in my town. My sideline involves baskets, home sales, a company that starts with "L" - (hope that is okay to say 3FC monitors) - My team made 2 sort of scenarios - a garden/potting bench sort of set up and a camping set up complete with canoe prop, they were really great I must say. Members of the L family were here, and one brother and his wife took our group out to dinner after all was done. They had free drawings for door prizes, and I won a wonderful one.

Fitness. Well. <cough> uh. In truth - not bad in the food front, truly. I find I am getting full easier and so I really don't think I overate - probably just relaxed the quality a bit. I'm back in it tomorrow! Exercise has been a wash for about a week now, but there has been moving stuff to and from car, setting up displays, running around meeting and greeting, and lots of adrenaline. I think it has been okay. The biggest health hazard has been good old fashioned lack of sleep - I'll finish this post and then get some Zs before morning comes and I blast through my work.

Tomorrow I'm hyper scheduled - work until noonish, at DD#2's school at 1:00, her IEP meeting at 2:30, she is reading for a theater summer class at 4:00 (see earlier post he he) then at 6:00 there is one more training meeting doodad for L. THEN I will be quasi-human. I don't dare commit to the club tomorrow. I'll commit to:

Water and green tea.
Soup for lunch
A smidge of that Me time - long bath?

It will have to do!

Later pals--

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