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Yeah Absmom I am very proud of you!! You set your goal and made it! Now I have been sinning in the food dept. for the last two days so today was scr. egg whites and fruit for breakfast. I will behave because I am going on vacation with my family 5 pounds lighter. I will do whatever it takes which is pathetic but oh well that is how I feel.

No child has bothered me all morning. I have been sitting in the shade on the deck reading magazines and doing some computer work. DH vacuumed and dusted the whole house. I almost feel guilty because I only helped a little but I wanted a lazy day. I need new sunglasses but I am refusing to get in the car and drive to Kohls or Target to buy them. I haven't had a day of sitting on my butt since ??????.

I think I am going to start making it mandatory that Steve take them out for boys dinner or something once a week. I take them on al the trips without him (to see Grandma's and stuff). He does take them to all the Dr. & Dentist stuff but I usually have daycare kids so my house is still full. I think the last silent house time I experienced was back in TX when I was at my girlfriends!!!! That was 48 hour escape and that was my only one!


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