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First off, I'm very sorry for what you are going through and I hope you find healthy ways of dealing with stress. There is a lot of resources out there.

I understand about stress. A LOT. Pretty much every day of my life, I think it's just built in me. From 10+ years of being sexually abused as a child, to a marriage where my husband was in prison for 4 years, then he got home and then a divorce. And, losing a good friend. I'm just saying I kind of have a bit of stress on a daily basis.

With that being said I've tried many different things. And the ones that have worked the best for me are: This, you can listen to online for free and it helps instantly if you just get comfortable and follow the instructions.

Also, EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques, I like this video because he does't explain all of it, he gets right to it and it's easy to remember. I use it quite a bit and it does help. There are TONS of different ways to do EFT and so many to choose from.

Then there is exercise. Which helps me a little overall I think. But, not instantly like the hypnosis.

And, crying and talking. Whether it's about my own problems or someone elses. I really enjoy helping friends/ listening to them cause it keeps my mind off of me, which may not be healthy but it helps on the really stressful days.

I'd also say laughing. I try to laugh a lot more now and try to make myself relax.

Reading a good book, where you can escape for a while and get lost is always nice too.

I hope you find something that helps and if you want a quick laugh now- this video is fantastic for it.
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