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Thanks for all the advice, everyone. It does make me feel better to get it all out there and know that I'm not alone.

Hugs to everyone going through stressful times themselves. Roadtothenewme, Newnana, hang in there.

Newnana's quote: "This is sooo unfair and I don't want to worry about my food!!" This is EXACTLY how I feel. On a base level I'm rebelling at having to deal with the horrible situation life has dealt my family right now, and the LAST thing I want to do is deal with what I view as another unfairness. That I really have to be careful of what I eat or be obese.

Saef, christine, thank you for sharing your story. It helps to know how you got through a similar situation.

IsabellaOlivia, sidanne42, I'll seriously consider coming up with a list. Sidanne, I'm jealous of some of the things on your list! I wish I lived in a more naturally beautiful area with better weather. I'd love to put on my list "go for a walk on the beach", "hike into the mountains/hills", "go canoing", "relax in my forested oasis with a good book", but those aren't options for me right now in my hot, humid, flat environment I've found myself. (I miss the west coast!)

I want to put really positive things on a list that don't feel like further punishment, but a nice, relaxing reward. Motivation is so hard for me right now.

I KNOW that exercise will make me feel better, but getting my butt moving to do so is hard for me right now. I logically know that if I ate better right now I'd feel better about myself, but again there seems to be a disconnect.

Sept15lija, I do think I need to focus on having more quick alternatives for me to eat. Having more on hand to chose from might make me feel less deprived and limited.

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