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Default Hi Girls!

It sounds like you're on a good plan. I don't follow a prescribed plan either...I eat mostly vegetarian and do some sort of exercise at least every day.

I had my first really bad day today...the first since I've started, but I think I'm doing okay under the circumstances. I'm getting freaked out because I visit my mom in PA next week. I haven't seen her in a year, and I weigh more now than I did last year...about 6 pounds more, and she really, really got on my case about it and made me feel bad. I lost weight after I saw her, but gained it back after a rough move out of my father's house and into my 20lbs more! So, here I mom is really going to get on me. She's 4'11 and about 115lbs, size 3/4...I wish she could have seen me a few weeks ago..she'd tell me that I'm doing well and wouldn't chastize me! Oh well..maybe her nagging will make me work even harder.

Wow...good for you about the Coke! If there's one thing I try not to do, is drink beverages with a lot of calories, like sodas and sweet's sort of a waste to me. Except for soymilk that is...I give myself permission to have 16-20 oz of diet soda a day, and water for the rest (even though it's still hard for me to drink a lot of water).

Well, gotta get some homework done for class tomorrow!Glad to hear from you ladies! Hope things are going well!
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