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Faulty grammar really annoys me. I am sure that I turn into someone on other people's list of annoyances, because almost without thinking I correct them unless I am really aware of what I am thinking/saying. My personal 'favorites' include people who say "pacific" in place of "specific". Also, full grown adults that say, "Libary" instead of "'Library"! Or conversate instead of converse. I could go on for hours about that. Hours, I tell you. Anyway, I live out in the sticks, so I really try to keep my thoughts to myself as much as possible about the subject.

Also, people that do not take good care of their pets and see them as disposable. Please do not adopt a cat and then dump it or put it in a shelter after a month knowing that you probably couldn't have taken care of it in the first place. Extenuating circumstances happen, but I think we all know those people that adopt a trillion animals only to have to 'get rid of them' when they become inconvenient. Or, thinking it's alright to turn completely domesticated animals outside when you can't take care of them. Seriously, if I hear of another case of 5 ferrets being placed on the side of the road in a carrier with the door open, I might just scream. Pet ownership is serious.

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