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The weather has been lovely until nap time today when the clouds rolled in and we had a huge downpour. So my only excuse for not posting is that I have been outside so much that when I am back inside I am catching up on stuff that got neglected while I enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air!

My weigh in was today and this is the first month that the scale didn't budge. I had great results the past two months but this month everything was stuck - measurements and weight. That is okay because I had been stuck for a long time. Now I just need to look at what I need to do differently. I don't mind the weight I am at but still think that I can be smaller and stay that way once I go down. I think in 5 years I have only gone back up the scale once.

Absmom - you are doing great on your calorie goals and exercise goals - I am proud of you! I hope you enjoyed some non-structured exercise. I have had tons of walks with the kids and they are so nice and slow

Juno - I am sure the Witness Prot. Program sounds like a great idea but I am sure something will take over the local gossip and you shall be free We haven't had any public vomiting but we did go to this restaurant that was more grown-up than anything even DH & I had been to in a while. One of those places with 10 tables total - people that don't have kids eat there Anyhow it was very quiet and my kids were doing great and then one of them lets out the loudest burp you could imagine. Everyone burst out laughing - so at least we weren't shuffled out but have never been brave enough to eat there again and the food was excellent!! I hope you get some down time this weekend because you need to re-charge those batteries.

One more week of school but we are already in summer mode. Trips and walks outside, picnics, crafts when they want, no more alphabet and numbers, etc... It is a looser structure but we keep busy all day. The older kids are kind of in charge. We seem to be fine until about August when everyone is ready for school and they no longer think being together all day is fun!

We are off to dinner tonight and some errands. Tomorrow we are seeing "Finding Nemo" and I think we are going to be naughty and skip the yard work. What do I care if the yard is not quite symmetrical. If people want to think that we aren't doing the other side, let them!

Hope everyone has a great relaxing Fri. night and a wonderful refreshing wake up on Sat. morning!

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