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You have a lot of fractional numbers in your list of food. PP does not use fractions. If you have a PP calculator you can't say put in a 1 cup serving and get points then eat 1/2 of it and divide the points by 2. It doesn't work that way. A food that might be 5 points for a cup might be 3 points for half a cup (and might be 2 points). What it absolutely will not be is 2.5 points.

I can't tell exactly since I don't see all the quantities on fruits and veggies but I'm not sure that you are meeting your GHG particularly for fruits and veggies, healthy oils, and milk/dairy.

Overall your food for the week in question seems to have a lot of higher carb foods that might be part of the problem.

All of that said -- losing 13 pounds in a month is great. I find that if I am sick, btw, and lose pounds during the illness then the next few weeks I will usually gain a bit or not lose. I know it is frustrating not to have a loss every week (I hate it myself) but most people do have weeks they don't lose. It is more important to look at overall progress than a week or two.
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