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Well Juno - That's definately one for the memory books! Honestly what can you do but laugh? Motherhood/Parenthood is a humbling experience....I've had a few duck and cover moments myself, but none that DRAMATIC! lol

Hope that things will calm down for you soon. You've got to be burnt!

The sisters - Type A, B, and me are going to swim tonight at my pool. Luckily this is my strongest event and I've been able to practice at it a little more than they have ... I had a really strong week, very motivated and surprisingly not too sore.

I signed up for Spin tomorrow so I have to go! I don't know why, but I think after tonights swim and time out with the girls I won't have the drive to get to the gym in the am or do anything productive... I have to get it in now since DH is off to SanAntonio next week on business.

Food-wise things are good. I kept to 1400 cals yesterday and plan to keep it under 1500 today. Sunday morning is my big June 1 weigh in and I am hoping for some good numbers --- SO sad that I am fixated on numbers... Why can't I just appreciate the work I am doing? Oh Blah!

Steph, Hope you're doing well. How are your summers?? More or less crowded? More or less structured? I am sure you're counting down the days til vacation... You certainly deserve a break.

When DH comes back from business we're off to Pittsburgh to visit his parents/family. None of them have met DD#2 yet --- I'm pretty sure they think the world ends at the PA border. They've never come to visit. I kind of feel bad for DH sometimes, especially since my family can be a little overwhelming at times, but here is definately better then there.... And that's MY summer vacation...

AND now DD#2 is up from her nap. It's my "off" day from the gym so grocery shopping and errands await... Goals for today:
1. Keep cals under 1500 and get a good balance of food
3. Non structured exercise - walk with the kids, clear my head...

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