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Not sure if it's worth noting:

- I try to eat whole, clean foods (vs. processed).
- I eat (spinach &) banana in a protein smoothie (which also include plain greek yogurt, a little peanut butter, and whey protein powder) after workouts, and other than that I limit my fruit intake to 1-2 pieces of fruit/ day.
- I rarely eat sugar, or things with sugar in them, and I definitely do not eat sugar-free things.. with the exception of an occasional WW ice cream bar/ popsicle- and that's like once every 2 weeks, so far.
- I drink at least 64 oz of water/ day, and am trying to increase that to about 96 oz/ day. I try not drink anything else because I don't want to drink my points, but I will occasionally have unsweetened tea.
- I eat reduced-fat things where I can, and stay away from non-fat (with the exception of my plain Fage greek yogurt) to stay away from added sugar. (I have a major chocolate/sweet tooth, and would eat a pan of cake/brownies if I could).
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