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Been on Vacation for the last 10 days.. and didn't even try to stay on plan.. and my scale punished me this AM.. 5 lbs in 10 day!! OMG!! back in the saddle today...

Welcome to all the new people!! great to have some new opinions and prespectives!

I want to second the body measurement thing for all the new folks. Do it now!! while the BFC book sings about loosing 10lbs really quick I think most of us have seen sloooowww progress on the scale..but have seen remarkable progress with loose fitting clothes AKA inches going away. So if you have your measurements from the start it really helps when you find yourself struggling!

I too struggle with not eating pasta-- the desserts don't bother me anymore.. I think my body doesn't crave the sugar any more... But I have found some fresh ravioli that I can fit into the plan... not as large of a serving size but hey I get to put as much cheese on it as I like.

For me its the Summer veggies and fruts that are calling my name.. We grow alot veggies in our yard and not having free reign to eat as much as I want of them is going to make this summer REALLY HARD.. I mean who doesn't love Tomatos and Mozzerella???? Tomato sandwhichs??? Fresh Green beans by the handful???? Popping peas while you pick them???? Now that is hard for me--much harder than cookies!
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