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Hey all !

Unexpected sun this morning, but the chance of more rain for the afternoon... My poor daughter needs to get outside!! I need her to get outside!!

Steph, this lower cal stuff is definately for the birds... If I wasn't so freaked about losing some weight before I have to dawn the tight workout gear for the triathalon, I might not be so restrictive. However, I can't bear the thought of being 200 lbs on race day... Besides, I am going to be training alot harder in the coming weeks and cant bear the thought of hurting myself (knees most especially). I have three more days before the big June 1 weigh in... Next week will be a med cal day...

Sounds like you need to go shopping! Shorts falling down? I guess we all have the "bleck" days, but you've got to know in your head that you are exercising and doing positive things with your diet... 100 crunches for the mid-section!!!

Juno - I hope things are going well for you, and that the load is lightening up a bit... Positive vibes your way!!!

I am feeling a little anxious today, may be the coffee or something else??? Today is a dreaded big run day at the gym. My goal is 4 miles or 60 minutes whichever comes first... Yesterday I did my first "brick" workout -- ran 2.5 miles and rode the bike for 11 miles. Kicked my butt! Thought I'd pass out before I left the building... I'm not sore today, so I guess that's saying something...

Goals for today...

1. Cals under 1500
2. RUN RUN RUN RUN and RUN some more...
3. Water Green Tea Water and more water!

Happy Thursday!
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