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Originally Posted by sacha View Post
Birth: A History by Tina Cassidy.

I recommend that to anyone who thinks that birth in North America is straight forward and that doctors 'fix' complications as they arise.

My son almost died from severe shoulder dystocia brought on by a myriad of unnecessary interventions by OBGYNs. Upon further research into it, I am certainly not alone. The doctors apologized to me after.

And I was 160lbs at delivery and an athlete. For obese women or those with non-immediate life threatening complications (aka just high BMI, or standard gestational diabetes), the odds of unnecessary intervention is even higher.
Sacha, I am so sorry you and your son had to experience that complication. However, I am wondering why you say interventions brought it on because shoulder dystocia is due to the baby's shoulders being wider than the head, and one gets caught behind the pubic bone after the head is delivered. How is that caused by the doctors actions?
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