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Morning all.

Shad - Again, thanks for the update on Mel. Sure hope she doesn't need appendix surgery. [email protected]#$% those [email protected]#$% Social Security bleeps making her do the interview! Jerks. Are you on to the next place after the coal mine? Or is there still work to be done there? Hope you get a day off somewhere in between working and driving.

Happy - Glad your mom got here safe despite the weather delays. Enjoy your time with her! If I want to see my mom, I have to go to her. She claims a fear of flying, won't drive on expressways (she's not a good driver anyway), doesn't have Amtrak, and even if those things weren't issues, she's too frugal and distrustful to have a dogsitter. And don't ask why my brother, who lives in the same town, can't fill that role. Sigh.

Ceejay - Sorry your sinuses are giving you such problems lately. This is definitely a bad year for allergies too. I'm sort of glad for this rain because it gets the pollen out of the air for a bit. Course I'm allergic to mold too, and that'll start growing after this rain... Don't work too hard pumping that water!!

Michelle - Too bad you'll be taking a vacation day and have to work instead of play, but the $$ will be good. Good thing the day job has calmed down a bit. Glad DH got home safe after all that driving.

Annie - So nice to hear your having fun w/ D. You deserve it chica!!

Ellen - How's it going? How is it having the kids home for the summer??

Nothing much to report. Went to the Tighter Assets class for a good workout. Still tracking food w/ the iphone app. Need to keep at it. Weekends are when I fall off that routine, so I have to be diligent!! Saturday night is book club and Sunday morning is breakfast with a friend - two food-filled social occasions I have to try and not turn into a calorie disaster.

Better get back to it - forgot a report after submitting the others yesterday, and it's not working the way it should either. Grrr.
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