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Quick check-in for me - the wind is blowing outside and I feel like I am in the midst of a hurricane (with sunshine though). I have had so much dust and crap in my eyes. Why I haven't been smart enough to ponytail my hair is beyond me!!

1) Water Water Water
2) 3rd day of very low white carbs
3) Only one more day left of my exercise routine !

I know it's Wed. but it feels like the week is closing already.

Absmom - 1150 calories would KILL me. I swear I have never eaten that little. I would lash out at the world. Plus I suck at counting calories! I am sitting here feeling frumpy and fat when I should be happy as all the new shorts I bought last year are falling down.... I feel that I should see a great difference in the size 18 me and the size 8 me.....but I only see tiny things that have changed. All of a sudden I hate my middle section!

Juno - Isn't it sometimes so annoying to be the nice guy You can't turn down helping a new mom with colicky baby and I have two new mom's who were supposed to keep their older kids home more......both have changed their minds on that. I don't care I had just envisioned a lighter work load at the end of May!

Off to the real world!

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