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Here are some foods that I found worked:

Fage Total 0% Yogurt
100 Calories; 7g Carbs; 18g Protein; 7g Sugar; 0g Fat
1/2 C Low Fat Cottage Cheese = 80 Calories; 4g Carbs; 13g Protein; 1.5g Fat
Sargento Light String Cheese = 50 Calories; 1g Carbs; 6g Protein; 2.5g Fat *you could have 2 of these*
1 C Eggbeaters = 120 Calories; 4g Carbs; 24g Protein; 0 Fat *cut this down to 3/4 C*

I started looking for food substitutes because I'm thinking ahead to maintenance and I like the structure of the plan, so I'm going to continue to follow the plan, but use regular food in place of most of my supplements. HTH- and I would plan on taking a multivitamin if you're using non-plan food.
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