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Standalone Medifast Meal alternative:

1/4 cup (33g) Breyer's CarbSmart Vanilla Ice Cream, scooped with a melon baller. (Makes approximately 3 balls).

Roll ice cream balls in 2 Tbsp sushi-grade roe (raw fish eggs, mixed species).

Garnish with the head of a Children's Gummi Bear multivitamin, mounted on a toothpick.

Ice cream fish egg balls total 105 calories, 5g fat, 7g carbs, 2g fiber, 2g sugar, and 7.2g protein. This comes close to matching the nutritional profile of a MF bar (the gummi bear head even provides 20% of the daily vitamin requirements.)

CAUTION: Do not eat the toothpick. Although high in non-soluble fiber, it will leave splinters in your throat.

CAUTION: Do not let your kids observe you beheading the gummi bears. They will never look at you the same again.

CAUTION: Do not take this post seriously. I am simply trying to lighten the mood. I have not actually conducted a taste test of this dish.

CAUTION: I'm pretty sure this is NOT considered OK by Medifast. I'm not sure if it's even OK by me. But it's about as alternative as you can get.
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