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Afternoon all.

I'll try to keep this quick. Worked on re-formatting the reports a bit yesterdfay before realizing I should review them to make sure adjustments weren't needed. Duh. Of course there were. Reran one and am waiting for adjustments so I could rerun another one.

No exercise class again last night. Poor planning on my part. There is a new class on the schedule that I had never noticed - until late in the afternoon yesterday. It’s called Next Step. It appeals to me because it’s the “next step” after the beginner step class (which had grown boring for me). But it starts at 6 pm, so I’d need to make sure I catch an earlier train home for that one. The classes I could make were Body Blast, which is the weight lifting one that was just so-so for me (and not cardio) and Zumba, which was at 8 pm and too late for me. If I do go to an 8 pm class, it would probably be PIYO, a Pilates/Yoga blend - . Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, I went down to the basement again and did another one of my Body Electric workouts – worked my biceps, triceps, obliques, quads, & hamstrings. Annie - I'm barely doing enough exercise for my own heiney, so I'm afraid you're on your own... so have you decided on the pole dancing classes yet??? Jumping the gun, but I bet you're new guy D. would be in favor of that, LOL.

After all the storms we had overnight & this morning, the temp really dropped! Oh well, getting used to this crazy weather - not that I have to like it. I'll get myself to an exercise class tonight - I'll get myself all sore again and choose the Tighter Assets class.

Hope the soil dries up a bit by the weekend so I can do some more out in the yard. Otherwise, I'll limit the yardwork to weed-pulling and mulch spreading.

Hopefully I'll get to do personals tomorrow.


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