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Originally Posted by JayEll View Post
The point of Medifast is that you eat a certain nutritional profile at EVERY meal, not every other meal or within some arbitrary period. Splitting the lean-and-green meal means splitting all the components of the meal, not eating the vegetables at one meal and the protein at another. Nothing in the Medifast materials I've read says it's OK to eat whatever at any meal, as long as you get them all in "in a single day." It's a meal-by-meal program.
I'm actually writing this in a thread called "Non-Medifast Brand Foods for Substitution." Other than the Lean and Green, Medifast does not endorse use of any non-Medifast foods. It was implied that none of the discussion here is considered "OK for Medifast."

I'm trying to make it Medifast-like, but I don't think I've ever claimed it was "OK for Medifast."

For me, the point of a Medifast diet was to lose weight. I am departing from normal eating habits specifically for that goal. Convenience foods, snack foods, fast foods, and other manufactured foods fall into the category of "junk foods." I agree that it's better to eat whole, unprocessed, nutritionally dense foods. And I will again, after I'm off this diet. Bars, shakes, soft serves, and other highly processed foods fall into the junk food category for me, but I'm eating them on Medifast.

About the only thing from the Medifast diet experience I will continue when I hit goal is the Lean and Green meal. It's gotten me exploring many ways to prepare healthy meals.

Splitting the Lean and the Green is a trick suggested on the official Medifast support board, by the dieticians there. The context was actually for people who were still hungry after eating the scheduled meals. Eating snacks was allowed, but could prevent weight loss. They suggested eating the lean early, either by itself, or in addition to one of the other meals. You would then eat the green by itself at the normally scheduled L&G meal time.
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