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Default It Does Not Work

The product has been useless for the people that I know that have tried it. Part of the fees paid are for support that is advertised as 24/7, but is only an email response a day later with useless wording that does not address consumer concerns or questions. The people responding to customer support questions do not seem to care or have knowledge of product, they simply tell customers to follow the instructions. The 24/7 customer support is supposed to be part of the four hundred eighty dollar fee but is not really offered at all. The product itself does not work at all for the people that I know that have tried it and the 24/7 customer support just tells them to read the instructions when they send an email inquiry . . . . email is the only option for customer care and expect to wait about one full day for a meaningless response.

The company does have many complaints that appear to have been suppressed, and some threats do show upon a search. Stay clear of these type of businesses.

Consume high fiber and drink water, you will be far better off . . . . not to mention have several hundred dollars in your pocket. Good luck
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