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What you said was, "Grocery alternative for puffs." That food is not an alternative for the Medifast puffs, it is just a junk food!

The point of Medifast is that you eat a certain nutritional profile at EVERY meal, not every other meal or within some arbitrary period. Splitting the lean-and-green meal means splitting all the components of the meal, not eating the vegetables at one meal and the protein at another. Nothing in the Medifast materials I've read says it's OK to eat whatever at any meal, as long as you get them all in "in a single day." It's a meal-by-meal program.

Lots of people read this thread assuming that the information is OK. Coming up with "alternatives" that do not follow the Medifast nutrition profile for meals is not a good way to proceed, in my opinion.

It's all right to experiment with different approaches, just don't put them out there like they are "OK on Medifast."

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