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Oops posted before I saw the other replies

I do drink a lot of water, about 2 liters+ a day. I have this one liter canteen and I fill it and empty it at least twice a day so I know how much I drink

Humus, as in the normal Lebanon humus? It has something in it called (in Greek) Tachini which is VERY fattening...I am not sure of the English word for it.
Unless you are talking about just chick peas, mashed with spices?

Lexxiss, you are right, I DO feel better already. I have more energy, my brain seems to be working better, my mood is better... I just wish the scale would show it too
(ok I guess it will in time lol).

So I can have, yogurt AND nuts for a snack?
Beans are kind of hard to carry around... you see every afternoon we do out of the house activities with the boys or run errands so I need something to eat on the go... How about hard boiled eggs?? I lose those!
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