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Default I need some book clarifications

Hi all!
Thanks for your help in my other threads You are awesome!!
Ok I need some help with some questions I have:
The book says have two snacks a day, ok... but what happens if I eat the snack as instructed and I am still hungry??
For instance, yesterday I had my 15 Kashews ... I was on the road and didn't have anything with me. I was driving and chewing the nuts slowly trying not to gobble them down.
I ended up having 20 because after the 15 were gone, I let some time pass to convince myself I wasn't hungry but I was!!!

So what if you eat your snack but are genuinely still hungry?

Last night for dinner, I made Kaly's kitchen lean beef kabobs with lf yogurt. Basically it was just the lean beef, with no bread just some onions in there, and spices (nothing with sugar).
I ended up having 3 of those (so about half a pound of lean beef) with half of the dip which was less than a cup of yogurt. (I have a tablespoon of lf milk with my coffee that morning so I wasn't oven my daily allowance).
I also had a bowl of green salad (lettuce basically) with a couple cherry tomatoes.

I eat two Kabobs to begin with, my salad and some dip but I was still hungry so I had one more Kabob. Did I cheat or was that ok?
I am slightly discouraged because I am on day 4 and I am being strict and I have only lost 9oz since Sunday. Surely for a diet that promises so much loss for 2 weeks, I should have lost more by now??
Everything I eat is low fat and any meat is lean (I was into lean meat all my life anyway as I hate meat fat, it makes me gag).

The ONLY thing is I cannot have sweeteners as per my doctor. So I have two teaspoons of brown sugar a day with my (decaffeineted) coffee. But surely two small teaspoons are burned off with all the walking I do daily, right?
I don't have any other sugar in a day or another coffee.

Thanks for any insight girls!!
Be well,
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