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Happy Tuesday!

The sun came out after 5 straight days of rain so I had to forgo the run to mow the lawn. We're on for another 3 days of rain so it had to get done..... I body pumped at the gym today and honestly I am still sore from last week. I tried to tell myself that the soreness was good and pushed to finish strong! I will pay tomorrow I'm sure!

Food was awesome today - I kept to a really low day for me (1150 cals). I am terribly hungry though, so it will take all of my willpower to keep out of the kitchen tonight. I really want something dramatic on the June 1 weigh in to go along with all the training I've done. That's what will keep me going right now....

DH is out edging, the kids are in bed and I am ready to sit back with some tea... Things are really "clicking" these days for me and the family. Its been so hectic since the baby was born and I honestly had a LONG winter - feeling fat, unattractive and trapped! The sunshine today, and just feeling like I am moving in the right direction has done tons for my mood and well being!

On that note --- tomorrow's goals:
1. Water Green Tea and more water;
2. BIKE and/or Run outside (hopefully I'll feel better than yesterday).
3. Medium cal day with no white carbs (1500 or less)

Hope your weeks are going well!

PS - Juno - I think you;ll be able to track me during the big race. We'll have the computer chips around our ankles for the race, just not sure yet if it will be "live" or if it will just be posted after the fact. In any case, you'll be able to find out if I finished...
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