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Hi Turtles,
I was able to keep a lid on my emotions yesterday and although I didn't eat exactly as I had planned my menu, the substitutions I made were fine.
As far as food, I've got a couple of cold veggie salads in my fridge which make putting together a lunch very easy----also bulks up my dinner meals which are usually unit foods of one pork chop, one chicken breast, one lean hamburger patty----you get the idea.

Yeah--Princess, makes sense to get information and then decide what should work best for you. Also, have you had your thyroid checked because it was about at your age that my thyroid starting kicking up and I had a rapid weight gain even though I was dieting. Just a thought.

All goes well here. Glad to see Turtles posting and doing our best. I have to keep reminding myself that watching the foods I eat daily and getting the exercise in that I can will work over the long run. I don't have to be perfect and I do have to trust that this will work for me. It's worked for so many. It'll work for me too. I am thrilled that I avoided going over 200#, and my WI tomorrow should show a small loss. Yay! I hope.

Chat soon,
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